FAQ - Canadian Criminal Record Check

What is a Canadian Criminal Record check?

A Canadian Criminal Record check is a national, name-based criminal records search for any criminal convictions for all of Canada. CSI conducts this search through CPIC, the National Repository of Criminal Records in Canada maintained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at your request or the request of a prospective employer (with your consent.) 

Please Note: A criminal record check does not include a search of the Pardoned Sex Offenders database, commonly referred to as a Vulnerable Sector Search. However, CSI can provide direction to you. Please call, chat or email for more information. 1-888-818-5251 or 902-450-0697.

I go by more than one name. May I have more than one name searched?

All names declared on the consent form will be searched at no extra charge, for example; your current or past surname (i.e., maiden name); any legal name changes; and your alternately used first name, (i.e. your given name is Elizabeth but you’re also known by Liz or Eliza) 

Names requested later and not declared on the original consent will be considered an additional search and will require payment accordingly. 

What is a Police Clearance Letter?

If you add it to your order, CSI can provide you with a Police Clearance letter which is a certificate on police letterhead, with a gold embossed seal and a physical signature verifying the results of your criminal check. 

This is not a Certified Criminal Record check, but is used normally for employers or immigration offices to verify results. 

What is the Declaration of Criminal Record Information?

This form is for self-declaration of criminal record.  If you have been convicted of a criminal offence in Canada, for which you have not be given a pardon for, then this form MUST be completed and submitted with your consent. You do not need to self declare a “Conditional or Absolute” Discharge.  The applicant’s printed name and signature are required at the top, along with the date and signature. Please indicate the date (as close as possible of the conviction), the offence and the location of the offence.

When completing the consent form for a Canadian Criminal Record Check, do I check off the ‘CPIC Investigative Data Bank’ box or the ‘Police Information Portal (PIP)’ box?

If you have purchased a regular criminal record check, check off the “CPIC Investigative Data Bank” box. When placing your order, if you checked off the “Enhanced Canadian Criminal Record Check” option, you will need to check off the “Police Information Portal (PIP)” box.

When ordering a Canadian criminal record check, what is the difference between “CSI Screening Criminal Record Check (Paper Consent)” and “eConsent – Criminal Record Check (Paperless and Secure)”?

These are the same service. The only difference is in how you are consenting to the search: either paper or paperless (e-consent). 

When you choose the paperless and secure option, you will be prompted to answer a few questions based on your credit history in order to verify your identity online. If you choose the paper option, you will need to submit a manual consent form along with two pieces of IDs. The results and turnaround times are the same for each option.