Social Media and Adverse Media Search

CAD 95.00



What is an Social Media and Adverse Media Search?
CSI analysts scan the most popular Canadian media and social networking sites for any negative information posted by or concerning the applicant and identify any active accounts. It is common for people to join social network sites and user groups and our research staff search these sites and look for any posts made by your applicant. We also look for any active participation in organized events or discussion groups. We may find evidence that the applicant is posting inappropriate comments, or disclosing proprietary or confidential company information about their current employer.

Global Adverse Media: Collects thousands of global news reports, from breaking news on current events to relevant media dating back to the early 1900s, allowing enhanced due diligence. This product provides negative media based on a proprietary process that searches for key adverse words strings to obtain results. The focus of these data extracts is 100% behavioral and not collected based only on a subject’s name. This process returns only data of concern, which streamlines the adjudication process for the user every time it is utilized. This functionality is many times more dynamic than the delimited data files obtained through similar solutions. In most cases, a significant amount of time elapses before official watch lists and PEP records are updated with news that is occurring today. This service will effectively bridge that gap and mitigate your risk.