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With a growing need for tighter security measures, use CSI Background Screening Corporate HR and Fingerprinting Services. Join the hundreds of Atlantic Canadian firms who are concerned about the kind of people they bring on. Deep-dive reference, social media and background checks, as well as professional fingerprinting services can tell the truth about Board members, current staff, new hires and volunteers. CSI helps mitigate costly bad hires – from corporate psychopaths, to bullies, to resume fabricators to unsavoury characters. As your HR resource, we prepare an unbiased findings report. Then the decision is yours. 

Reference Checks Important Notes


Reference checks are highly important. They provide the employer with comments from the applicant’s supervisors, past working associates, past employers and neighbours. These interviews give the employer a very good idea of how the applicant was viewed by past associates.

Knowing The Questions

We are very good at conducting reference checks for you. CSI’s professional staff knows the questions to ask and how to develop questions from the answers. 

Getting Real Answers

We can also point our interview process to answer specific questions you need answered. Call or chat with one of our professionals for more information or email us: .


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