A Canadian Criminal Record check is a national name based criminal records search for any criminal convictions for all of Canada. All names declared on the consent form will be searched at no extra charge (ie: maiden name/s, legal name changes, nicknames, etc…). Names requested later and not declared on the original consent will be considered an additional search and will require payment accordingly. CPIC stands for Canadian Police Information Centre and it is a national repository of criminal records maintained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

A criminal record check does not include a search of the Pardon Sex Offenders database, commonly referred to as a Vulnerable Sector search. However, CSI can provide this service to you, please call for more information 1-888-818-5251 or 902-450-0697.


Personal Details: The top section of the consent form is for the personal details of the applicant, including the surname, first name and middle names, maiden or other surnames used.  It also contains areas for Place of birth, date of birth, sex and telephone number.

Address details: In this area, the current and previous addresses for the applicant must be completed.  Please make sure the coverage is for at least 5 years.

Reason for Consent: This section is for the applicant to indicate if this criminal check is for employment or a volunteer service.  The description of position is only for applicants who indicate volunteer on the consent.

Search Authorization: In this section the applicant must read and understand the consent they are giving and they must date and sign the block to the right of the consent.  If the criminal record check is for employment out side Canada, the applicant must indicate the country of employment in the space provided in the first paragraph.


Witness Section: This final section is for the witness signature.  The first line, which is labeled Organization requesting search can be completed by the applicant.  This is for the name of the company requiring the search. (The employer)  The second line is for the signature of the witness who verified the identity of the applicant by reviewing the two pieces of identification and comparing to the applicant.  The witness will then print their name below their signature.

The witness must be either from the company requesting the search, or any other person, who is not a family member, by comparing 2 pieces of ID, one of which MUST be an accepted government issued photo ID.  Scanned legible copies of both pieces of ID MUST accompany the consent form.  If copies are not legible they cannot be processed and they will be returned.


The two lines across from the witness signature are for the witness to enter the two pieces of identification they looked at when verifying the identity of the applicant.

Accepted ID:  Canadian drivers’ licence, Canadian citizenship card, Firearms Acquisition certificate, Foreign drivers’ licence, Permanent residence card, Federal, provincial or municipal ID, Canadian passport, Certificate of Indian status, Military ID, Foreign passport, Student ID, CNIB card.

This form is for self-declaration of criminal record.  If you have been convicted of a criminal offence in Canada, for which you have not be given a pardon for, then this form MUST be completed and submitted with your consent.  The applicants printed name and signature are requires at the top , along with the date and signature.  Please indicate the date, as close as possible of the conviction.  THE YEAR OF THE CONVICTION MUST BE CORRECT.  Also indicate the police service who laid the charge and the offence.  The location of the offence is also required.  Please read the exemptions at the bottom of the form.

The only difference is eConsent is a paperless option where your identity is verified online through a series of security questions presented by Trans Union, based on your credit file with them. eConsent is only available to Canadian residents ordering only a Canadian Criminal Record check and if Trans Union is not able to generate enough questions, or if they cannot locate a file on you, then you will be advised to proceed with submitting manual paper documents. PLEASE NOTE eConsent is only available to Canadian residents who are ordering only a Canadian Criminal Records Check. It is not valid for non-residents or for anyone ordering any other type of search aside from the Canadian Criminal Check.

All reports are sent electronically, so if it was a personal request for yourself then it will be emailed to you. If it was for a company then your report will be emailed to the contact address you provided us, unless the company is already an existing client. If the company is an existing client then the report will be uploaded directly to them via our secure web portal, where they will receive an email notification that the report has been uploaded for their review.

A vulnerable sector is a search of the Pardoned Sexual Offenders database in Canada. If a person has been convicted of a sexual offence and was subsequently pardoned, a vulnerable sector search would find this conviction.

A vulnerable sector search is normally only required for persons who are going to be in direct contact and have authority over vulnerable persons. (Elderly, children)

CSI can assist with obtaining a search of the Pardoned Criminal and Sexual Offenders Registry.

CSI can provide a Police Clearance form which is a certificate on police letterhead, with a gold embossed seal and a physical signature verifying the results of your criminal check. This is not a Certified Criminal check, but is used normally for employers or immigration offices to verify results.

CSI secures all personal information in a secure environment. Our physical and data security technologies are world-class and guarantee the protection of all personal information.

When you use the services of CSI, it saves you the added cost of additional human resource staff, frees up your employees for other tasks, and makes the hiring process faster while producing a higher quality information package that allows you to make critical staffing decisions. CSI’s trained professionals are able to give you a true picture and objective assessment of the applicant, reducing the risk of a bad hire.

With the need for greater security, many corporations and agencies are now requiring both employees and volunteers to be fingerprinted; applicants for Foreign Travel, Passports, Work Permits, Visas and US Waivers
Those wishing to visit or work in other countries may be required to provide a police clearance. While some countries accept police clearance done with only your name and birth date, others require that the process be done through fingerprinting. Obtaining a 192 waiver to travel to the United States will require fingerprints;

Citizenship, Permanent Resident & Immigration Applicants
Applicants for Canadian citizenship, permanent residence or those immigrating to Canada may be required to provide a police clearance with fingerprints;

International Adoption Applicants
Prior to completing adoption proceedings applicants who wish to adopt a child from a foreign country are required to provide a police clearance with fingerprints;

Security Licence Applicants

According to the BC Security Services Act, individuals in some security related positions are now responsible for directly obtaining and holding a security licence. Fingerprints are required for the application process.

Although electronic fingerprinting and electronic conversion do expedite the initial submission, everyone receives the result by mail. The 10-15 day time line is strictly for a “no hit” whereby the results are mailed back. If it is determined an individual has a “hit,” meaning possible convictions, it is then significantly longer, up to 120 days for the result to be mailed to the applicant. Civil Fingerprinting Screening Services do not utilize a courier service.

Under the RCMP new policy for Vulnerable Sector searches, if the applicant’s gender and date of birth match that of a Pardoned Sex Offender, a full search of the fingerprint registry will be required, taking up to 120 days.

Appointments and payments are required in advance for all fingerprints. Please contact us toll free to arrange your payment and schedule an appointment. 1-888-818-5251