About Us


CSI’s mission is to provide exemplary customer service in a timely, accurate and cost-effective manner. We encourage our clients to contact us for information or advice pertaining to all aspects of the background screening process. Our highly trained, bilingual staff are ready to personally assist you, to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns. We attribute our success to the quality of our Customer Service. The one-on-one contact makes all the difference! CSI Background Screening is 100% Canadian owned and operated. CSI has been providing professional background screening services, on an International level, since its incorporation in November, 1995.


Fred Dehmel, Owner and President
Fred Dehmel has a prestigious and extensive background in workplace consulting and background screening. After serving 25 years with the Military Police investigations, Mr. Dehmel retired from police investigations and founded CSI Inc. Over twenty years later CSI continues to be a leader in the screening industry. Mr. Dehmel is a highly decorated and respected investigator. He commanded major crime investigative units in Canada and abroad. He liaised closely with local law enforcement, RCMP, Interpol, International Investigative Units, and participated in United Nations Missions. The skills, qualifications, and expertise gained from his 25 years of policing are a perfect complement to the Background Screening Industry. This first-hand understanding of law enforcement allows CSI the capacity to counsel and advise our clients and to assist them in interpreting their background screening results.

Trish Dehmel, Owner and Managing Director
Trish Dehmel has a lengthy and distinguished career as a law enforcement officer specializing in security and harassment investigations. As a Military Police Officer, Ms. Dehmel was a security specialist, investigating security breaches and incidents within the Canadian Military. Upon co-founding CSI Inc. in 1995, Ms. Dehmel was invited to become a member of the Council of International Investigators. During her membership, Ms. Dehmel established and developed contacts in law enforcement and security throughout the world. Her international contacts have been an invaluable resource in conducting criminal record checks, reference checks, education verifications, civil litigation searches, and obtaining financial information from across the globe.

Leanne Pickrem, Office Manager
Leanne Pickrem has been with CSI since 2013, accepting positions of increasing responsibility from Screening Analyst to Supervisor to her current position of Office Manager. Leanne is highly skilled in various aspects of background screening for both corporations and individuals and is greatly respected by staff, clients, vendors and applicants alike. Leanne’s exceptional customer service skills ensure that each client’s situation is treated uniquely and they are then furnished with the most accurate information available. Equipped with a solid knowledge base, CSI clients, in turn, can make critical hiring decisions. In her dealings across Canada, the United States and abroad, Leanne has maintained numerous important national and international contacts within in the industry.

Our Staff

CSI staff remain up-to-date with current practices, procedures, Human Rights legislation, as well as other legal issues through trade periodicals, NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners) newsletters, and Human Resource Association notices and newsletters, etc. CSI also researches relevant topics, changes within the industry, best practices, processes and procedures, as well as, national and local press releases. This information is passed onto our staff through meetings, internal communication, and the development of internal documents. The first-hand experience of the CSI owners greatly benefits CSI employees. Through in-house training, and regular monthly meetings, the owners provide in depth professional development on a wide range of industry topics. They are always available to explain the intricacies of the screening industry. Our goal is to remain informed, and to pass that information onto our clients. We accomplish this through open communication, newsletters and special notices.

Professional Accreditation

  • A Founding Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Background Screeners
  • Current Member of the Canadian Chapter of the NAPBS-National Association of Professional Background Screeners
  • Former President of Council of International Investigators
  • Former members of a national committee whose primary purpose was to assist the RCMP in developing the guidelines for all Professional Background Screening Agencies in Canada.
  • Current Member of the HRPA-Human Resources Professional Association
  • Current Member of HRANS-Human Resources Association of Nova Scotia
  • Current Member of HRANB-Human Resources Association of New Brunswick
  • Current members of various international organizations providing up-to-date information on global requirements and legislation.

Credentials and Accreditation

CSI is accredited by the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) branch of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to provide fingerprint-based Criminal History Checks. CCRTIS has partnered with Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) and Canadian Industrial Security Directorate, to develop a new process for accrediting private companies to take fingerprints for non-criminal purposes. CSI is affiliated with Reliability Screening (RSSI) which is one of the first agencies in Canada to successfully complete this accreditation process.

CCRTIS Accreditation

Accreditation is a process whereby the business and the individuals in that business who handle sensitive or private information are screened to ensure the safety of the public. These background checks include fingerprint-based criminal history, credit checks and address history screening for individuals. In addition, the organization and its directors, officers and controlling shareholders are reviewed in detail. The physical business also undergoes a security audit to ensure appropriate document and information handling procedures are in place. CSI has been accredited by CCRTIS and will continue to undergo periodic compliance reviews by CCRTIS and PWGSC. CCRTIS accreditation procedures assess the security and administrative operations of private fingerprinting companies that intend to take fingerprints for civil and/or refugee purposes, and submit the fingerprints as live electronic transactions to the national repository for criminal record verification.

CCRTIS Certification

Certification is a process whereby the software and systems used in the fingerprint submission process are tested for compliance against international and RCMP specifications to ensure reproducibility of results. Both the systems and the components are certified in end-to-end testing. Fingerprint quality in both the capturing and printing processes is very important, as is the compliance of individual data items and reference numbers. All CSI systems and components have met or exceeded the standards as set by CCRTIS. CCRTIS certification processes ensure that contributing agencies are capable of electronically submitting National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) compliant transactions to the national repository. The process enables agencies to perform end-to-end verification within a formal certification environment prior to becoming operational.

All CSI personnel have undergone personnel screening, including fingerprint background checks and credit checks, and have been issued security clearances under CCRTIS.