Enhanced Criminal Record Check

An Enhanced Criminal Record Check is when the applicant self declares any arrests, charges, warrants, upcoming court cases and any other police or court involvement. CSI Screening will then verify that the applicant has provided all details. If they have not, we will advised that not all information was provided by the applicant. This allows employers to know about police involvement that has not resulted in a conviction. Written consent is required by applicant.

In Canada, in order to obtain a Name Based Criminal Record Check Search, a properly completed and signed informed consent must be completed by the applicant. A witness must verify the identity of the person being searched by checking two pieces of ID, one of which must be a proper photo ID as described on the consent. The consent which can be found under the Forms section, and your IDs MUST be scanned and forwarded to CSI via email or through our secure document upload page which is located on the homepage. We recommend that all applicants be rechecked every two years.

CSI complies with Canadian and Provincial privacy policies and will assist our clients in the proper steps of obtaining these records.

IMPORTANT: Before your Criminal Record Check can be completed, you must fill out the CONSENT FORM on our website and submit it to us.

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NOTE: A standard Canadian Criminal Record Check does not include a search of the Pardoned Sex Offenders Registry (generally referred to as a vulnerable sector search). CSI can conduct this search for you, however, if it is required for your job or position. Please call us for information.

It is important to understand that this is completely secure and the questions and answers are private to the person answering them only, providing a paperless, convenient and secure method of positively verifying identity.

Call: 888-818-5251 or 902-450-0697