Fingerprinting Services

With the need for greater security, it is more and more common for many corporations, agencies and organizations to require both employees and volunteers to be fingerprinted. 

The most common reasons for providing your fingerprints:

  • Federal Government Employment
  • Private Industry Employment
  • Immigration and Citizenship
  • Permanent Residence Status
  • Name Change
  • Record Suspension (Pardon)
  • US Travel Waiver, and
  • Privacy Act Request

Further, there are a number of official reasons you may need to have your fingerprints taken – from applying to be a Canadian citizen, to planning to adopt a child from a foreign country, or seeking employment in the USA.  

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International Travel or Employment 

Depending on your destination country and your reason for travelling there, those wishing to visit or work in other countries may be required to provide a police clearance. While some countries accept police clearance done with only your name and birth date, others require that the process be done through fingerprinting. For instance, if you have a prior conviction, you may have to obtain a waiver to travel to the United States which will require fingerprints.

Citizenship, Permanent Resident & Immigration Applicants
Applicants for Canadian citizenship, permanent residence or those immigrating to Canada may be required to provide a police clearance with fingerprints.

International Adoption Applicants
Prior to completing adoption proceedings, applicants who wish to adopt a child from a foreign country are required to provide a police clearance with fingerprints.

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Of the two valid IDS you must bring, one must show your photograph.

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Two important notes:
1. Social Insurance Numbers and Debit/Credit Cards are not acceptable for identification purposes.
2. Expired IDs cannot be accepted as valid.

CSI Offers Two Types of Fingerprinting Services: Electronic and Ink and Roll

Although Ink and Roll is a bit messier, some foreign governments still prefer this traditional method and ask for fingerprints to be inked on to a physical fingerprint card. Ink and Roll is also used when there are difficulties in obtaining fingerprints electronically. CSI’s fingerprint technicians are highly experienced in both the ink and roll process and digital capture.

Electronic Fingerprinting is an inkless, digital method of capturing images of your fingerprints. The process is quick and easy and involves scanning your fingerprints which are then sent electronically to the RCMP.  The RCMP returns results either through Canada Post regular mail from Civil Fingerprinting Screening Services (CFSS) in Ottawa or directly to the appropriate federal or provincial government database for internal access.  

If you have no criminal record, you can expect your Clear results to be returned in approximately a 10 to 15 days while Unclear results can take up to six months for the RCMP to process and return. Please note: for results for fingerprints for immigration and citizenship reasons, expect a delay slightly longer that 15 days. 

CSI provides corporate and personal fingerprinting services from our facility in Bayers Lake business park in Halifax.  Avoid downtown congestion and limited parking by choosing our unintimidating, friendly and professional service at a time that’s convenient to your schedule. 

All CSI staff members have undergone screening including fingerprint background checks, credit checks, and they have been issued security clearances under Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) in Ottawa. Confidentiality and Privacy of your information is ensured under PIPEDA and privacy legislation compliance.

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