International Criminal Checks

Employers who are required to conduct complete background checking will want to ensure they also check for criminal records internationally where necessary.

Order International Criminal
Record Check

Get quick, easy access to CSI Background Screening’s most requested services and information. Requires Identification & Consent.

CSI has the ability to request criminal record checks in most countries in the world. The cost and turnaround time varies and special documentation may be required. CSI’s helpful and friendly professionals can assist you through this process.

PLEASE NOTE: International checks prices are based on the US exchange rate and as such may change without notice.

IMPORTANT: These are name-based searches only. We are not able to obtain any official documents or certificates. Please ensure that this will be accepted by whomever has requested this search. We, at CSI, are not able to determine if our results will be accepted as this differs based on the requester.

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