Welcome to Lloyd’s Register Americas Inc background screening page. CSI Background Screening has partnered with Lloyd’s Register Americas Inc to provide an easy and cost effective way to complete your required background checks. Our staff are dedicated to making this process as easy as possible for Lloyd’s Register Americas Inc Candidates.

Your employer has requested that the following screening elements be conducted for your employment. You are required to download the forms below and fully complete them and then forward to CSI either by uploading or through email. It is very important that you complete the forms fully and correctly otherwise your processing may be delayed.

– Criminal record check Download required form here
– Employment verification
Download required form here
– Education verification
Download required form here
– General Consent Form
Download required form here

If you wish to have your Canadian criminal check conducted through our secure paperless ID verification process, please use the link below. This is an electronic ID Verification. You must have a credit file to use this option. There are four ‘out of wallet’ questions relating to your credit file.  If your identity cannot be verified through this process, you will have to complete the Paper Consent Option.

You will still be required to download the employment, education, ID verification and Terrorist Watch list forms above and have them completed regardless of which method you use for the criminal record check

order hereEConsent ID verification for Enhanced Canadian Criminal Check (Paperless)

Once all documents are received, we will begin processing your request. If you need assistance please call us at 888-818-5251 or 902-450-0697 or email us at